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Wednesday, 2 January 2008

(3) Screenwriting Shangri-La

Screenwriting Shangri-La, Scriptwriting Gurus and a bit of Fun...

A quick guide to my links.

  1. Writersroom :- Auntie Beeb at her best; advice, links, scripts, opportunities, submission guides, insights, interviews, free script software, and much more.

  2. Danny Stack :- THE man! A friendly blog full of practical advice and insights about screenwriting from the inside. Read ALL his story vault.

  3. Lucy Vee :- THE woman! Top blog for updates, lists, inspiration, links and advice on how to and how not to write your script from a Pro script reader.

  4. Robin Kelly :- Old website is still live and full of lessons. More Info, advice, and loads of links to other top bloggers on new blog

  5. Wordplayer :- THE U.S. site. Hollywood screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio tell you EVERYTHING. A full course in 60 essays.

  6. Unknown screenwriter :- If he tells you who he is, he'll have to kill you. Fortunately for us, he tells us everything else and links to many more top sites.

  7. Sex In A Submarine :- Bill Martell, friendly Hollywood Pro Screenwriter shares screen secrets, scripts, links to other top sights and the reason for his blogs name.

  8. Angryalien :- Jennifer Shiman hilariously re-imagines two hour movies in just thirty seconds, and still retains the major plot points! Pitching masterclass for when that Exec says " You've got half of minute of my time."

  9. For Ramona :- Portsmouth's top Rock Band, now based in London. Info, pictures and free songs!
  10. Victoria Hotel, Southsea, Portsmouth :- Two 1896 Victorian houses tastefully modernised for the 21st century in 2004 by my best mate Paul.


Lucy said...

Hey Sheiky, thanks for the big up! Welcome to the Scribosphere x


Lucy! Thanks for being my first...
to comment, I mean, I was getting a bit lonely out here in hyper-whatsit.

Chip Smith said...

Greetings 'the Sheik', and congrats on your logline win over at Lucy's gaff. I'm proud to say that I voted for your logline - I'm a sucker for a teary eyed Christmas film, and your logline hit the nail on the head as far as I was concerned. That said, I tried voting for my own logline as well, but it didn't work! Darn computers.

Let's hope this is the start of a good year for us all!


Cheers for dropping by, Chip & thanks for the vote.
I loved the protag's name on your logline...

Lucy said...

That's cos it was part of my evil plan Chip, I set the poll to record only one vote per PC!!!!!

Feedback on all the entries is now up btw.