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Sunday, 27 January 2008

(13) Fan mail!

I got a fan!

From my short stories.

Hi there MAZ - yep, it’s me talking to you from the wonders of hyper-space!

She’s new to blog land, so just for the lovely Maz and any other blog virgins who may have strayed from print to electronic micro thingies, here’s a quick bloggy run down…

My blogs are numbered in order so you can follow from the beginning if you so wish.
(Number 4 - “I’d like to thank” in the archive is the Logline one that you asked about).
Click on the comments link if you’d like to make a comment, say hi, etc or read other people’s comments if there are any.
Click on any of the highlighted links to whiz off to the other, highly recommended blogs/websites.

Go on, give it a try, have a browse round.
Hope you like the blog, pop in any time.
Regards, Sheiky


Rach said...

Thanks for the comment on my virgin blog. It's scary when you send your first message out into the webby bloggy thing. A freindly message is greatly appreciated.


No problem Rach!
As I said best of luck with yours & don't forget to pop in again next time you're surfing by