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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

(2) FADE IN...

So now Time’s melted away and yet another year’s gone.

2007 was great for settling the important things in life.
Got married to the girl of my dreams.
Made a couple of investments for the future.
Got a new direction. Found out I could still write.
Studied, researched, read, fired a couple of wild shots.
Got rejected, got a hit, got some near misses and a very polite “please fire this way again someday”.

To quote that Jazz presenter Guy, “ Grr-eat ”

2008 will be better.
It has too.
Because now, I’ll be watching.
Other people will be watching.
And I’d hate to let anybody down.
So I’m going to chart my efforts out here in the hyper space electronic interweb thingy myjig.
In full view of anyone who’d care to surf by.
My theory is it will be a sort of encouragement, a bit of an extra push to make me write more.
Maybe a place to network with other writers, the curious, the new, the established, or the ones like me, somewhere in between, with so far still to go .
It’s for me, by me, but I'd love everyone to browse, comment, cajole, criticise, suggest, help, learn, teach or say hi.
Tell your friends to take a gander at the new kid on the blog.

Ok, then, let’s hit enter, shoot the words into the World Wide Web and see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Scribo-sphere

Anonymous said...

You're not welcome here son,


Hi there anon & anon, (or was it one anon twice?) Thanks for stopping to say hello.
As you can probably tell, only started blog on Jan 1st .
Hope you like what you read & pop by again.
Regards, Sheikspear

Anonymous said...

2nd anon here again. like it and all the links. Will come back. sorry missed 1st day-computer was being hogged by someone else.