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Thursday, 31 January 2008

(17) Eddy Kayshun

Quiet at the back!

Now pay attention class…

How many times have you seen a Screenwriting course or book by an “expert” who hasn’t actually sold a screenplay?

Now you mention it, hundreds of times Sheiky

How many of them are free?

None that I’ve found me old Sheik mate

Try this…



By a Hollywood Scriptwriter

And UCLA Lecturer

And top selling novelist

Steven Barnes

IMDB cedits list, etc at:-

Want even more writing freebies?

Yeah course I do, Mr Sheikspear, Sir, greedy spec monkey waif that I am, sir

Then pop over to the lovely Miss Potdoll’s pink palace of a blog at :-


For free online Uni courses and a veritable gold mine of scripting information

Anyone else know of some more?

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