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Monday, 7 January 2008

(7) For your Collection, Sir Robin of ScriptLand

Wow! Encouraging feedback from another blogging legend! (copied below from Lucy’s site).
Thanks Robin, hope you haven’t got this one already of the ever inspirational Miss Paris Hilton.


FWIW although I liked many there's four in particular that hooked me because of the clear genre, clear relatable main character and clear goal.

-------Long Journey by Annelie - I agree that this could maybe have a little something about the tree and why it's important but you have a strong central relationship which is the main thing.-------

Long Journey by Sheiky - I loved this for it's simplicity. It seems familiar but it seems fresh as well. It's solid on genre and should be easily sold.--------

Secret Christmas by Andrew - Even though Andrew's taking the piss out of people like me who would happily ban Christmas, I can see it would make a good film and I can still relate strongly to the protag. The fact that she's an accidental - and maybe reluctant? - leader is also a nice touch -------

Starlight by Sheiky - Again this is familiar and yet seems fresh. Of course this will all come down to the characters and story in the end but I can imagine the trailer and the publicity

Robin Kelly Sunday, January 06, 2008


"Starlight" will probably be my next feature project spec and I have a rough outline for the various adventures to be encountered by our hero Reindeer in "Journey."
I just hope I am up to the challenge.


Robin Kelly said...

Thanks Sheiky, that picture is a sight for sore eyes.

Good luck with Starlight as I'm a fan of this rom-com sub-genre. Have you seen Overboard and Doc Hollywood?

The difficulty is that you need to hit the beats the audience expects but do it in a way we haven't seen before which isn't easy unless the characters and relationships in the village are original.

I'm happy to give feedback on your outline if you want.


They've lined her up for the remake of "Goldfinger" apparently...

And, er, yeah, "Doc Hollywood" was a tad inspirational for the Starlight logline

Thanks for the feedback offer, I'll e- whizz the outline over by the end of the week.
Thanks again, Robin.


Done the outlines and whizzed 'em over.
I normally work from a really rough outline, usually scribbled in my ever present note book.

I then chop, change, add bits, put scenes in different places sometimes, then write the first, my eyes only, draft.

By then, most of it is there, often with a few surprises.
Then second draft & on, etc ‘til it’s ready to go out…there.



My thanks Robin for the feedback.
His feedback was, as ever, very informative and pointed out a few “think agains” as well as the ever needed encouragement.
And on the big plus side, he actually liked the story ideas!!

Thanks again, Robin.