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Saturday, 8 March 2008

(41) Cinema Lobby cards

Remember Cinema Lobby cards...

Aren't these cool?

Shamelessly stolen from here where there are loads more!


Rach said...

Hey Sheiky.

Have you seen the A Pitch in Time Poem?
A Pitch in Time poem?

I wondered if the reference to Santa was one of yours?

Rach said...

Oh and my first link in a comment. Nah nah nah-nah nah.

Still I messed up and put the title in twice.

Dave said...

Don't get me started with lobby cards, I've only just finished my movie poster hunt. Check out the best movie poster in the known universe by clicking HERE.

This linking thing is fun. If you need to know how to do it, drop me an email, (find the link in my profile,) and I'll send you the HTML code and instructions.


Top poster Dave! Will email you to find out how you do the link thing, clever clogs.

Love that Clive banks web site-it's brill!


Hi Rach!
getting clever with this link lark, the pair of you.
Any of the poem relate to your pitches?
Besides Santa, I tjought this one MIGHT relate to 1 of my 2...

"An Idealistic hero up against time"