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Thursday, 6 March 2008


As well as all the usual great stuff at Lucy’s, Danny’s, Robins, and Lianne’s,
a quick blast round the scribosphere revealed a few takers on the movie poster challenge.

Well, I found three, here, here and here.

Funnily enough three is the number of your favourite movie posters you need to come up with to join in the challenge.
It’s still on if you are…go on, give it a go…
What else you gonna do?
Write something?

Well, the dreaded Real Life has interfered heavily with writing since we last E-spoke.
I produced two sharp pitches for the channel 4 thing and whizzed them off into hyper space to them.
And then, kinda just dried up.

Never mind the work/life balance, I'm finding it difficult juggling the real life work,work,work,work,family,work/fantasy life as a screenwriter balance.

The "Muse" has decided to sulk for a while for some strange reason… (Overwork!). It somehow seems content to allow my fingers to carelessly stab at random letters on the golden keyboard which then form into artless, plot less patterns of black on an otherwise virgin white page.

Oh ****ing dear!

So, temporary gave up writing, read a lot.

Got new mouse mats that somehow encouraged me to sit at the computer…

Started rewriting.

Return of the muse!
Thought I'd lost you!

Comedy Spec movie rewrite starting well. It always read fast, but I realised some additional sub plot story lines needed:

1/ The hapless hero really didn’t really deserve the intelligent sassy gal - as in why would she go for him?
2/ A totally new minor character not only emerged but now enhances the story and delivers a classic punch line at a crucial moment
3/ The tension/comic ending needed tightening with a power ratchet spanner!

Good, problems found, solutions sought, muse cranking into creative gear.
Found some spare midnight oil for the office lamps, and,
what d’yer know, those jabbing fingers started beginning to form coherent, entertaining scenes again!

Funny how positive thinking always seems to help bring some good luck or encouraging news/event.

The Band buzzed to say a Pro Manga company were reading the script I wrote for them and considering producing it “in some form.”
The 900th e-person just looked up my profile (oh-er!).

The ideas monkeys that throw those imagination bananas at you when you try to sleep have come back

With their mates!

So the new project notebooks and the “this’ll make it better” rewrite notebooks are overflowing with fanciful scribblings which are now making it to script smart glory.

The Muse is back!
Must write now, see you soon.

You all have the ideas monkeys in your dreams don’t you?
It’s not just me is it?


Rach said...

Glad the muse is back. Mine got me through the step outline and synopsis then did a sulk.

So I've got to bribe it with bananas huh?

Hmmm. Monkeys. I think James Moran seems to mention them a lot on his blog too. Must be a man thing.


Hi Rach!

Just go ape for 'em!

How's your bullwhip?

Don't forget to check out the return of the contractors tomorrow in a double bill especially for you!

Dave said...

I don't know what she's talking about, I can sometimes go several bananas without mentioning a banana once.

Put three more bananas up on my blog. Hope you like them.