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Sunday, 9 March 2008

(43) Recognise yours?

The pitches 'n' synopsis's are all in for judging and the nice people at the SWF have composed a lovely poem for us all...

Recognise your pitch among these cryptic lines?
Good luck, Scribospherists!

'A Pitch in Time - The Rhyme'

There’s been Zombies, Ghosts, Vampires and Ghouls,
Stuff set in the past and stuff set in our schools,
Evil Kings, Innocent Queens, manipulating Politicians,
A shit load of Serial Killers with strange machinations.

Incidents, Accidents, Hints and Allegations,
Historical Events and a lorra Adaptations,
Cops, Firemen, Doctors and Nurses
Women with fury using nasty little curses.

Celebrity this and Celebrity that,
Animated animals and a talking Cat,
Apocalyptic visions and blowing up shit,
Aliens attacking, nice planet, we’ll take it.

God vs. The Devil in the ultimate fight,
Angels and Demons vying for the Light
An unsolved Murder of somebody good,
A futuristic Soldier hidden under a hood.

An Idealistic hero up against time,
A heroine in danger neck deep in slime,
Santa Claus and Elvis together at last,
A time travelling future boy stuck in the past.

Wives vs. Husbands, Girls vs. Boys,
Computer animated objects vs. Computer animated toys,
Jealousy and Revenge leads to Murder most fowl,
A quaint, simple tale of a man and his trowel.

Back from the dead and hungry for brains,
A chase on a motorway smashing up lanes,
Children lost in a faraway fantasy land,
A neighbour who felt like lending a hand.

Out of all these fab entries, ten will be picked,
A masterclass in pitching, to help get it licked,
In front of a live audience, each one a writer,
Hopefully leading to a future that’s brighter…


Rach said...

Well I've got a damsel in distress which results in a drowning in slurry so maybe "A heroine in danger neck deep in slime".

But as she isn't the one that drowns it might be some-one elses.

However with a crispy corpse, a pub full of fetid ones and a slurry tank drowning I would hope something of mine got noticed.

And the Santa line could only be yours after the feedback in Lucy's comp.


"a crispy corpse, a pub full of fetid ones and a slurry tank drowning"

Your script sounds great Rach!

Can't wait to hear you pitch it when we're in the finals at Chelt!

Rach said...

Hope we both make it. Just in case I've also emailed my local Regional Development Agency to see if they've got any funding available.

Don't ask, don't get.


Go for it gal!
Hope it goes well on the sales conference.

Piers said...

Don't recognise anything from mine in there.

Which doesn't bode well.


Despair not, Piers.
Thanks for dropping by.

a)the poem is just so cryptic or sublime that you don't recognise your story hidden in there (maybe we only think we do!)

b)your story is just so cryptic or sublime that they didn't know how to hide it in there

c) they had so many entries they couldn't fit even just a hint of all of them in...

so they just put in the most repeated stories/images etc which probably means your is so original it's the winner...
Come to think of it, not sure if mine is there now...

Elinor said...

Didn't see mine which means it's shortlisted - hurrah!


The very best of good luck then , Sister Elinor.

Hopefully see you there...


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