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Thursday, 13 March 2008


INT - Pub - Late Friday afternoon

Contractor#1: Have a beer Jim, it's been a hard week...

Contractor#2: Cheers mate!

Contractor#1: No bollards, ladders, or road signs this week

Contractor#2: Nah, no worries this week, everythings fine

Contractor#1: I dunno, Jim, I got this funny feeling...maybe the tarmac hasn't set

Contractor#2: Ok, then, let's go check, then come back for another beer...

Contractor#1: Yeah, better safe than sorry, Jim, then straight back for that next beer...

Contractor#1 and #2 (together) Bollards!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Why did the telegraph pole cross the road?????? I can’t help thinking that the guy in the road roller is saying to himself: “I bet before I’ve finished work for the day, some bugger will have posted a picture of this on the internet.”