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Sunday, 16 March 2008


Bollards Jim!

Didn't get in.

Did you?

Hope at least one us did!

Congratulations to the ten who did.

"Dear Pitch in Time Entrant,

On behalf of the Screenwriters Festival 2008 I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Pitch in Time competition...etc..etc... fifteen-hundred entries, from which only ten finalists could be selected..."

They go on to say they hope it won't "dampen your enthusiasm for screenwriting".


Crush your ambitions...? Make you want to give up?


Bit of a disappointment, though!

Mind you, I can concentrate on my rewriting so I can make the most of the next opportunity I find. And punt out a spec again to make my own opportunities.
The stories were great, the loglines were great; they just didn't pick 'em this time.
Maybe someone will next time. Maybe that call is coming soon.

And... We've got this to go for now!

Loadsa advice/encouragement/info and words of wisdom here
courtesy of the great Sir Robin Kelly

Keep going fellow scriptwriters!
Just gotta work on, try again!

"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." – Richard Bach

Success is just around that corner!


Rach said...

Sorry to hear you are out too. Read the first couple of lines of my email and it was "Oh bugger."

We just need to find the right insightful, forward thinking, bribeable judge.

Robin Kelly said...

Cheers Sheiky.

I love that 'pluck' poster and will put it on my wall, maybe it will sink in...


Commiserations me lady Rachel.

Still, on with all the other stuff, eh?

Though I'll have to give your tip a miss...(http://sharppencils.blogspot.com/2008/03/doom-and-gloom.html)

Was gonna use a pseudonym (MRS Sheikspear) but then I read this in the rules; must send in " A 200-word autobiography & A passport photograph of yourself,"

200 words on girl stuff!
and a photo of myself in drag!

Obviously not going to happen!

hope you enjoyed your sales week...
I did a pie chart for you at mine(http://sheikspear.blogspot.com/2008/03/45-pie-in-sky.html) so you'd feel at home!

(yeah, ok haven't worked out how to do links in comments yet!)


Cheers Sir Robin!

Thought your Guillemots - "Get Over It" blog was a subtle comment on the pitch thing...


p.s. Hope the poster works on me as well!

Elinor said...

Never mind Sheiky, are you going in for the BSSC?

Dave said...

Hi Sheiky. Sent you an email showing how to do links in comments. Thanks for the comment on mine. (If I can do it anybody can.)


Oh bugger!
Dave's told the world now about the email (well, at least our little bit of it) so I guess I'll have to read it again now and try to work out what he was talking about...


Elinor, googled BSSC; the Bark Shanty Sail Club?

Nah, my mad Nun, shan't do that one.
Nor the film short, I'm afraid.
I'm busy writing...(see update!)