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Friday, 28 March 2008

(56) HELP!

Help! Is there anyone "E" Clever out there? (Dave?)
Stupidly fooling around with the blog in an idle 5 mins I deleted my "Salutations" image of the "computer cartoon" Shakespeare with a computer. I copied the "properties" of the pic and swapped it with the one that's there now.

Didn't like it. Went to put the original back but the bloody machine said "that file path no longer exsists" or some such bollox!

And it's gone!

I can't recall where on the www thing I found it. Nor can google!

Did anyone copy that pic?
If you did would you have the url or what not so I can copy it back?

Anyone seen it anywhere else so I can copy it again?
Anyone any techie- but easy to follow idea how to get it back?


Dave said...

O.K Low tech solution. Google this “site:sheikspear.blogspot.com” (remove the quotes.) Pick any page instead of opening it hit “cashed” this gives you an old version of the page you should be able to grab the pic from here. It gives you a 120x80 image. Hope this helps.



Knew it would be Dave, the low tech