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Thursday, 20 March 2008


Good luck to all those from the Scribosphere who are entering a script in the BSSC, no, not the Bark Shanty Sail Club, nor the Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club or the Bluegrass State Skills Corporation, but the British Short Screenplay Competition.

I'm passing on this one, as I'm concentrating on my spec comedy film rewrite and my new venture...

Sheikspear, the playwright!
It's got a nice ring to it hasn't it?
Seems I've heard that sentance (Sheikspear, the playwright) before, can't think where...

Pardon? You what?
There's another one?
Is he any good?

Anyway, although the "serious" 20 minute play is still deafeating me, my new full length effort for the Bruntwood Playwriting Competition is cracking along, even though it's still a very serious piece.
Ok, with some humour. And songs.
Hope it's still as good in the middle ( my weak spot) and the end, not fade out this time, but curtain down. (should be a poignant ending, when I get there)

Any advice on what's the "best" length, time wise for a stage play?
90 minutes?
70 minutes?
Longer? Shorter?

I'm aiming for around the 90 minutes or just less.

The ideas monkeys
have thrown me some top bannanas for really short, "contained" play ideas which I'm also going to attempt. The idea being, I will then present them (force them on?)to a local Am Dram group at the nearby arts centres as a way in to network with some "live" writers.
Don't worry I still love you all, my "E" writer friends, but you're so far away and my car's so old and knackered .

Mind you, I met a nice, talented local lady screenwriter via the interweb, Mrs S said I could go, but we're both (as in she's) so busy the coffee has'nt been drunk yet!

Hi Carol!

So, update concluded.
I'll post the "HOORAY! IT'S FRIDAY!" later today as we've got friends down from Wales for the week end and Mrs S says I have to be socialable, so therefore am banned from the PC!

still have this though to take when we're out...

Have a great LONG weekend!

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Any advice on the length?

Oh-er missus, stop that at the back!

I meant the length of the play?