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Thursday, 13 March 2008


All these faces on the keyboard!
All these voices in my head!
Relax, it's ok, they're fictional characters...honestly!

Rewriting of spec script is still going well.
It's a bit bizarre, really, only the other week there was too much real life and work stuff to do, so much so, it seemed hardly a new line, let alone a whole new scene, managed to scrawl it's way across my electronic page.

Now I wonder if was really just the old bio-rhythms were down a bit. Maybe lost a bit of confidence. It happens, doesn’t it?
The work, real life and family/social commitments are still there, all battling each other for my time. Need more arms than that octopus to juggle that lot! But now the writing buzz is back at full voltage.
So, this week, the dialogue's flowing, the scenes are excitingly tight.

I.M.H.O. anyway.

Those rabid ideas Monkeys are still running rampant around my brain and as well as the usual loads of mad jottings running the range of silly-stupid-not bad-ok-good, I've come up with a cracking new TV spec to, er, crack on with as well.

I still have to work out if the protag's story 'n' the other characters have "legs" but it has also occured to me that I could merge some of it into my existing Red Planet failure TV spec to make that stronger.

Have any of you done that?

"Pasted" for want of a better word (an' me trying to be a writer!) two separate scripts/stories to make a more complete, intriguing one?

Which way to go?
Only time, the scripts and this blog will tell...

Anyway, got to go for a walk, need to get some fresh air.
Time to think some of those Spec Monkey ideas through.
Luckily though, I’ve purchased this new invention so I can still write while I walk…

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