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Sunday, 9 March 2008

(42) One they should've made...

Isn't this a great Spec poster for a action movie Hammer tried to get finance for in the late 1970s when it was struggling to find a new market away from it's traditional horror fare.
Sadly the investors dosh went into airport disaster flicks and the project was shelved.

With a BIG budget, and TODAYS technology this could be a great, fun film.
Wonder if the new Hammer studios can revive it from the ghostly golden vaults in their creepy, candle lit basement?

Just to let you know, apparently in the (hardly) original script for Zep v Terry, the WW1 Germans & their Brit POWs get blown off course, etc, and join forces to fight for survival in the valley that time forgot...
Old weapons V razor teeth 'n' claws... sounds great fun!


Does'nt a mock up poster makes a great pitching tool, don't you think?

The exec can see the movie poster for the script you're waxing lyrical about (desparately trying to sell him).
Might be a idea, just thinking aloud.

Bad points: I can't draw, don't know any (cheap) artists
Good points: it's visual, it's cheaper than a vid

(Speaking (writing?) of which, have you seen Sister Elinor's post of her visual pitch?) No? Go, on, sneak a peak here

For the movie, my money's on Terry to win...

p.s. How's your movie poster challenges coming along?



Not so sure the winged beastie's would win, old boy; the fokker's two 7.92mm air cooled LMG machine guns would down them before they could claw or bite the piolot's head orf!
Besides, it looks as though they've got the German WW1 ace, the Red Baron with them, so monsters: No chance!
Regards, Wing Co


bye the bye, the Wing Co actually meant "PILOT" not piolot, unless of course it's French one!
Regards, Lt Carruthers


Thanks for the insightful info, Sir.
Maybe you should apply for the job of technical advisor if the new Hammer film company deide to make it...

Rob Stickler said...

Seriously people, a petition is required.

I want Zeppelin vs Pterodactyls and I want it now!